My Marvel Life: In which we learn I have a worrying comic habit.

I have recently finished my examination of the comics of the 1990s and as a result, read and wrote about a lot of comics in an effort to highlight the best part of a particular decade in the history of comics that I felt was maligned, or at least under appreciated. I have also finished my Guardians of the Galaxy blog, Standing Guard  and to be honest found my self a bit of a loss.

Comics in the 90s is still up and running, but for the time being has kinda run it’s course and the same can be said for Standing Guard but I still wanted to keep writing stuff and went looking for more topics.

My first stop was Marvel Comics. While I have always enjoyed Superman through the years and have great fondness for the Justice Society of America, I was and shall remain, a Marvel guy. My first comic series was X-Men, my first favourite character was Spider-Man, my first B-list comic was Guardians of the Galaxy and my first comics from a comic shop was X-Men #1 from 1991.  Then I popped over to the awesome Mike’s Amazing World of Comics

From there I was able to find out the comics that were on sale the month I was born and then it hit me, find a marvel title from every month I’ve been alive and have a look at them. Watch how the comics evolved from where they were in the mid 1970s to however far I get. I had only a few ground rules:

1: One single issue, not a reprint under a different name.

2: No consecutive comics, if it’s Iron Man one month, then it can’t be Iron Man the next.

3: It has to be Marvel produced.

4: It has to be something I own or can read a copy of (which does sort of go without saying).

5: One for every single month, so if i don’t have something from that month, then I better get to shopping.

I’ve got a lot of comics to read, a lot of gibberish to write and this all sounds like a lot of fun. Feedback of any kind is welcome and I hope to hear from everyone, or in fact anyone.

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