Dec 1982: Uncanny X-Men 187 – Or this was a somewhat misleading cover

Uncanny X-Men (1983-03) 167-00f Uncanny X-Men (1983-03) 167-02a03

Synopsis: X-Men 187 was written by Chris Claremont, with art by Paul Smith and Bob Wiacek and opens with the X-Men arriving home from their recent sojourn into space, in pursuit of Professor X, who has been infected with a Brood Queen egg and is changing into a Brood. By this point, the X-Men are Scott (Cyclops) Summers, Ororo (Storm) Munro, Kurt (Nightcrawler) Wagner, Piotr (Colossus) Rasputin, Kitty (Shadowcat) Pryde, Wolverine and Carol (Binary) Danvers. In order to get there, they X-Men must battle the New Mutants, who have no idea who any of these people are, since the possessed Professor hasn’t shared the X-Men’s existence with his new students. The New Mutants present being Sam (Cannonball) Guthrie, Roberto (Sunspot) DaCosta, Rahne (Wolfsbane) Sinclair, Xian (Karma) Coy Manh and Danielle (Mirage) Moonstar.

Uncanny X-Men (1983-03) 167-07 Uncanny X-Men (1983-03) 167-08

Uncanny X-Men (1983-03) 167-09 Uncanny X-Men (1983-03) 167-14

There is a brief battle, with the new students doing well, but clearly outclassed by the battle tested X-Men. They are too late to stop the Brood hatching and the Professor transforms into a Brood queen and attacks both teams. Working together the X-Men defeat the queen, with Storm delivering the coup de grace. From within the Brood’s mind, the Professor begs to be killed, but Cyclops refuses. He talks about hope and creation over fear and death and immediately earns the respect of the New Mutants. The group adjourn to the Starjammer, spaceship and home to the Star-Jammers and using their advanced technology a new body is cloned for Professor X for his brain to be placed in, with all of the Brood DNA removed. Also on board is Professor X’s lover Lilandra Nerimani, recently deposed Empress of the Shi’Ar Empire, who is met by Gladiator, of the Shi’Ar Imperial Guard. Gladiator informs her that Reed (Mr Fantastic) Richards of the Fantastic Four has saved the life of the world devouring Galactus. Lilandra contacts the FF and informs them that they will be held responsible for any harm that Galactus causes in the future.

Uncanny X-Men (1983-03) 167-16 Uncanny X-Men (1983-03) 167-17

After that little sub-plot, we then get some more with Cyclops agreeing to meet his grandparents with his father Christopher (Corsair) Summers, Professor Xavier’s struggle with his new working legs and other small character moments and then Xavier informs the team that Kitty will have to join the New Mutants, therefore is no longer one of the X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men (1983-03) 167-20 Uncanny X-Men (1983-03) 167-23

Notes: This is something of a classic era of the X-Men, but not one I have any personal fondness for. That said I did enjoy this issue, it brings to an end the Brood saga and re-unites the X-Men and the Professor as well as bringing the X-Men and New Mutants together. The writing here is very Claremont, but seems to flow better than the recent New Mutants issue, the art is also cartoony, but detailed enough to tell the story in a great way. Everyone has a bit of moment here and watching the various characters interact in various ways shows of the great skill that Claremont had in mixing stories and character moments to flesh out a fictional universe. Showing Cyclops learning his lessons from the death of Phoenix was a great moment, a nice reminder that Claremont never stopped tinkering with Scott and that he had such a long and interesting character arc, before the 90’s put a stop to all that.

Overall this was a fun issue as a one off, but you can tell it’s made to be read as part of an ongoing run, I liked reading it and it’s made me want to revisit this era of X-Men, which is what you want from a random comic from your collection.


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