My Marvel Life Presents: A to Z Part 0: An origin story



I have been looking for another project on this blog, mostly to add variety to what I am writing about. Not so much the format, just wanted to do something else. Inspired by recent things I have read online, I have decided on an a-z of comics and related ephemera, because it requires a bit more thought and the format allows me a bit of leeway with what I chose rather than my more recent blog ideas.

I started with what I wanted to catergories to be, they all oddly enough started with C.

Characters: Individual characters I felt got the short end of the stick.

Comics: Ongoing and limited series or runs of note.

Concepts/Conceits: Ideas that permeate comics, but aren’t themselves characters or comics.

Cool/Comical Images: Fun stuff to look at.

I had to come up with one for each entry, for each letter of the alphabet, when I started doing this, my wife (The Mighty Rosie) asked what I was doing, then joined in and we had quite a fun talking session for a good hours or two. That was a nice night and cemented the idea of doing this.

So that’s what I will be doing, in between the standard My Marvel Life posts, if you like them? Yay, if not, well that’s OK, I want to see where this goes.

Talk to you later internet people.


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