My Pokemon World – The Journey Begins

This is a post written by Super Sam, though the blog is mine, the words and the love for the pokemon is all his.

I am a great fan of Pokemon. I first found out about it when I was 5 years old and my mummy, the MIGHTY Rosie started playing Pokemon Go. She taught me many of their names and my daddy (who’s blog you are reading) bought me a book on them. I became an even bigger fan.

When I was 6 years old, I found the cartoon. That was a year ago. Pokemon is my joy, a tv program about trust and friendship.

My favourite things about Pokemon are:

Team Rocket:


Team Rocket is hilarious and so funny and silly when they try to capture Pikachu and always fail and when they do, they go…” blasting off again!!”


Different Pokemon:

I love the pokemon themselves, there are so many and I love learning about them and the new ones too.


Catching them:

I love catching pokemon with my mummy, this week I caught a Firebird, a legendary Pokemon.


The Pokedex:

When we find a new Pokemon in a gym or outside, straight away, there is a shadow of it in the Pokedex, so I can click on it and see it again.


There are lots of episodes and films and lots of adventures with cool Pokemon battles, its’ SWEET!

I wanted to write about Pokemon like my Daddy writes about Marvel, because POKEMON IS THE BEST!

I have loved writing this with Sammy and there may be more posts to come in My Pokemon World.

And the Journey Continues….


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