This is a blog dedicated to my appreciation of comics (in particular Marvel comics) and all the joy they have brought me for much of my life.

All of the comics, characters and concepts relating to Marvel are their copyright and no infringement on these rights is intended.

It’s not the only place where I write, I also run the following blogs:-

Standing Guard.

My first blog and the first I was able to complete the remit of. It’s  a look at every appearance of the original Guardians of the Galaxy from their first appearance in 1969, all their guest spots to the end of their own series in the 90’s.


Page of Apocalypse

A similar sort of blog, more recent, but this time looking at mostly maligned comic events from the decade that got me hooked.


A Munky on Merseyside

This is my more personal blog, from my own geeky thoughts, personal struggles and daily bits of fluff.