And with that…

And with my last post, I have deleted the Page of Apocalypse blog. All of the posts I had put on there are now on this website and I now have to actually start doing fresh which will start from next week. TTFN Internet people

82 years in the future, or right now on my left arm

A Munky on Merseyside

I have an awesome wife. The MIGHTY Rosie has always done right by me, being generous and thoughtful. For my birthday/Christmas this year, my main gift is to have my left arm tattoos covered up. There are three stories here, why I have tattoos to start with, why I chose the picture  I chose and the day itself.

Why I have tattoos: I got a tattoo about 13 years ago. I showed the tattoo artist the shape and asked for it bigger, he did it to scale, so I wanted one taking up my upper arm and got a tiny one on my shoulder. In order to fix that I got another one to fill it out. To balance them out, I got one one my right arm. They are one of the few things I have done that I regret. Getting them covered up has been a cathartic undoing…

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